MR. Trump? :)

I sit here a few hours before the inauguration of Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States, with an admitted duality of emotions.  On the one hand, I am inexplicably happy that Barack Hussein Obama will be relinquished to the history books as quite possibly, a worse president than even Jimmy Carter.  On the other, I sympathize with those who are sad to see him go.  On the one hand, I welcome Donald J. Trump.  On the other, I sympathize with those who are less certain.

What is Obama’s legacy?  He arrived with a fanfare and he goes out with what Dinesh D’Souza described accurately, as “a whimper.”  The remaining question is that posed to King Arthur:  Will there be a rescue for Guinevere?  Will there be a pardon for Hillary Clinton?  PROBABLY NOT.

President Obama’s legacy includes a stagnant economy for 8 years, the doubling of our national debt, the rise of ISIS, and an overall reduced influence of the United States around the globe.  Pathetic, even in comparison to Jimmy Carter.

I wish ill on no man, but I can say this with complete sincerity: “Mr. Obama, I am glad you are finished as president.”

It’s over.  Good riddance.

I mentioned a duality of emotions.  I am glad Obama is gone, but I recognize that some aren’t.  To them, all I can say is, nothing lasts forever.  That is the joy of a Democratic Republic.  Embrace it.  I survived Bill Clinton.  You survived Bush.  I survived Obama.  Millions of unborn babies, however, did not.

We are a minority of one.  Do not forget that.

What now?  Now we get President Trump.  What does that mean?  What will that look like?  I wondered those same questions in 2008 as a charismatic young black Senator from Illinois (with no serious qualifications) was triumphantly propelled into the presidency.  I had a good idea then, what his presidency would bear out, and those fears have proved to have been true.

I did get one major thing wrong:  I thought America would be over.  I thought it was done.  I was wrong on that.  God is sovereign, and the American people could survive 8 years of a despotic Marxist.  They have emerged from those 8 years with wounds—but with life.

They are still Americans. They still believed in the American process.

God had a plan for America past 2016.  If nothing else, this should reassure you of the genius of our founders.  Our country can survive—despite a despot.  Could it survive two—I pray we don’t have to find out.

You may note that I said that we survived a despot.  My evidence:  The country rejected Hillary Clinton.  They rejected a continuation of Obama’s policies.  They chose an unknown who unashamedly stood up, unashamedly, for America.  While they didn’t know exactly what he would do as president, they knew he loved his country.  They knew they were electing a man who at the very least, shared their love for the United States.

What can you expect from a President Trump?  I cannot predit the future.  I would suspect, however:  You can expect a wall.  You can expect more strict enforcement on immigration.  You can expect to pay less in taxes.  You can expect a more robust military. You can expect that laws will be followed.  You can expect that the world will take the United States seriously.   All of those things, despite some pious evangelical bloggers and scared leftists, are legitimate.

Do I completely agree with Donald J. Trump on everything?  Is there any president I have completely agreed with?  No.  Do I agree that Trump loves his country, first and foremost?  Yes, I do.  If I were to select a president that I completely agreed with, I would have to transport the United States back to Calvin Coolidge.  Unfortunately, that isn’t possible.

When I went into the Marine Corps, and I swore in, I do not recall being asked just which America I would defend with my life.  On the contrary, I was asked if I would defend the Constitution, America, and my Marines.  I would have given my life for a liberal, conservative, or a fellow Marine had I been called to do so.  I love my country.

It its the country that provides freedom for my wife, my daughter, and  my son.  I will defend it with my life.  Policy aside:  For me, it has been and will always be about love of country.

I can say this with complete assurance about Trump:  He loves America.  His policies may not all be my policies.  He may have ideas that run counter to mine; but I know he is proud of his country.  I know he loves being an American.  I can say that for many of our founding fathers.

With Obama, I know the opposite is true.  I knew the opposite was true with Clinton.

When one is an American citizen and faced with a choice:  On the one hand, a millionaire celebrity blowhard with a penchant for womanizing, arrogance, and making a profit; and on the other side, a woman with a track record for selling out America, what is an American to do?  Not vote?  No way.

I chose Trump.

I will support Mr. Trump.  I will cheer him and his family on as he is inaugurated.  I will, however, do my duty and hold him accountable.  I did the same with Bush 41, Clinton 32, Bush 42, and Obama 44.  It is my duty as a citizen.

I have not hidden my children from my choice. They will celebrate Mr. Trump, not because he is Donald J. Trump, but because he is the President of the United States of America.  I respect the voice of Americans.  Even in 2008, though I rejected the thinking of Barrack H. Obama, I do not recall ever saying that Mr. Obama was not my president.  I disagreed with him greatly, though despite that fact, I respected the vote of the People.
Trump took out several dynasties in his victory, and I will be forever grateful:  He took out the Clinton’s, the Bush’s, the Obama’s, and the Mainstream Media.

The Mainstream Media has lost their capital.  It now belongs to the People and the New Media.  It belongs to the James O’Keefe’s and Lee Stranahan’s and the Tucker Carlson’s.  It no longer is represented by The View, George Stephanopoulos, Katie Couric, and Lester Holt.

Where am I on Trump’s inauguration day?  Bring it on.  Strike up the band.  Hail to the Chief.  Send in the Marines.  For once in a long time, since before 1999, I say gladly, “Mr. President, if America demands it, I will give my life.”

Is Mr. Trump my first choice?  No.  However, Mr. Coolidge was not on the ballot. I support Mr. Trump.  I will support him. Pray for him, hold him accountable—as I have done for every President of the United States–As I did for Mr. Obama.


Hail to the Chief.



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