The Deadliness of Sin

I have been thinking a great deal over the past couple days about Hugh Freeze.  He was asked to resign as Ole Miss’ head coach after it was discovered that he was engaged in unprofessional conduct.  While the details are still not clear, it has been assumed that his fall from grace was due to sexual indiscretion.

While I am not here to judge or to prosecute Hugh Freeze, what I am here to do is judge and prosecute myself.  Sin seeks to destroy.  It seeks to take out fathers.  It seeks to take out husbands.  It seeks to take out pastors.  It seeks to take out head coaches.  It is a deadly assassin.

I am reminded of some wise advice I once heard:  Sin committed in the dark, will eventually be seen in the light.

The book of Ephesians notes:

“But everything exposed by the light becomes visible–and everything that is illuminated becomes a light.

This is true.  We delude ourselves by thinking that we can hide sin.  We cannot.  It will become visible.  It is especially true of Christians.  The Light within us will NOT allow sin to remain unseen.  It WILL be illuminated.

It doesn’t even take a massive sin, like Coach Freeze.  It can be something so small that no one knows about it.  No one but us.  Perhaps, if we erase our search engines enough, clear our phones often enough, create “anonymous” social media profiles, and even get a second cell phone, no one will know.

Yeah right.

I once heard about a doctor who received a call in the middle of the night.  It was a parishioner of his who was a doctor.  The doctor was in tears.  Over the phone, he told the pastor that a woman had been brought in who had been raped and beaten and left in an alleyway.  All she had was a purse.  In her purse were medications that indicated that she had a deadly disease.

The doctor tried to resuscitate her on the operating table and all efforts failed.  His next course of action was to give her a heart massage.  They cracked the chest and he put his hands into her torso in an effort to save her life.

She died on the table.

He noted to the pastor that he noticed soon after that he had a minute cut on his hand.  He had cut his hand on her ribs as he put his hands into her chest.

This doctor was crying because he was newly married and had a newborn.  He felt that he had been potentially infected by this deadly disease spread by blood.

The pastor asked him:  “You want me to believe that you— a 6 foot tall, strapping and healthy doctor, could be brought down due to a paper cut?”

The doctor replied, “when it comes to spreading disease, that’s all it takes.”

Sin only needs a tiny “in.”  The smallest weakness in our armor is all it takes.

We must feed our spirit and starve our flesh.

It is a life or death situation.


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